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Understanding Intense, Sensitive Children | Leading Edge Parenting

If you live with a child who seems 'overly' sensitive or who has big reactions to life you know how challenging it can sometimes be, just to get through the day. What many of us do not know is how it feels to be that child and to live in a body that is hard wired in a way that experiences the world differently than the rest of his or her friends and family.

Children who are born with intense, sensitive, energy reading, power seeking, persistent, highly spirited systems can challenge and frustrate parents who just want their kids to 'do what they are supposed to do' without fuss or drama. It's just not that simple and these children need us to understand what happens inside of them when they appear to have big reactions to our expectations.

Temperament, which is part of human hard wiring, does not change as we mature. If these kids live with adults who validate and appreciate their perspective, instead of giving them the message that something is 'wrong' with them, they can learn how to navigate their challenges and unwrap their true gifts.

The New Children and Ascension- Consciosness

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