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First Wave Indigos - Laura Lee Mistycah

Laura Lee Mistycah is the author of 3 books: -Kryahgenetics,(Kry-a-genetics) The Simple Secrets of Human Alchemy -Living in an Indigo House, the heartaches & Victories of First Wave Indigos -Got Ghosts??? The Bizarre But True Tales of the Ghost Buster Gals.

In this interveiw Lady Mistycah discusses: What is a First Waver? Where did they come from? • How will you know if you are a First Wave Indigo? • Are all indigos benevolent? • -Step-ins.Walk-ins.Anchor-ins.Lock-ins, what are they? • What are the different kinds of Implants, how do you get rid of them and are Indigos more inclined to have them? • Why is it so hard to keep Chakras cleaned out? • Why are many indigos struggling so much financially?

The Indigo Evolution

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