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CNN - Anderson Cooper - Indigo Children

Whether they are called the "Disciple Generation" by Christians, or "Indigo Kids" by New Age followers, or Millenials by demographers children born after 1978 are said to be different. They are empathetic, curious, strong-willed, independent, and often perceived by friends and family as being weird. They possess a clear sense of self-definition and purpose and also exhibit a strong inclination towards spiritual matters from early childhood.

These children have also been described as having a strong feeling of entitlement. These children have a high intelligence quotient, an inherent intuitive ability, and a resistance to authority. Indigo children function poorly in conventional schools due to their rejection of authority, being conceptually smarter than their teachers. They are non-responsive to authoritarian, guilt/fear/manipulation based discipline. Many of these children labeled or diagnosed as having ADHD. They are avoiding or leaving the modern Church model in droves as they find deep spirituality in the gifts God has given them.

Abraham Hicks - Indigo Children

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