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About The Indigo Children

A list of the most common signs, traits, and characteristics of indigo children. The more of these traits a child has the more likely they are to be an indigo. Adult indigos will also share most of these traits currently, or when they were younger.

Strong willed, Headstrong, Independant

Have difficulty with discipline and authority

May have outbursts at home or temper tantrums Can be self centered, bossy, selfish, demanding; proud

Can be rebellious or labeled a troublemaker or "problem child"

May have trouble with homework or grades, despite being very bright

Quiet, shy, softspoken, especially around strangers (but may be very talkative with those they trust

Sometimes prefers the company of adults rather than children their age

Often Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D), Autism, Aspergers Syndrome

Deep interest and connection with Animals and Plants

Loves to be in nature; loves trees, rocks and gemstones

Usually drawn to the color blue, purple, indigo

Highly intelligent and/or mature for their age; wisdom that seems beyond their years

Highly creative and artistic

Might especially love walking, swimming, dancing

Generally kind and compassionate, polite

Can have a strong interest or fascination with Science and space

Gifted or has unique talents or abilities

Extremely curious, questions a lot, loves to learn

Might love to read books (often books that are more advanced for their age group)

May like to teach or explain things a lot, often in great detail

Could have strong desire to help others or 'heal'

Emotionally sensitive, empathic nature

Can be over-emotional or have emotional or angry outbursts

Can often become bored very easily (especially with routine) but can be highly focused for long periods of time when they are interested in something

Many have sensitivies to food, chemicals or environment, allergies

Has a rich imagination; fantasizes or plays make believe a lot.

Also may have vivid or unusual dreams; may have issues with sleep, nightmares, or enjoys staying up late

Thinks a lot and may be very talkative (when comfortable)

Many have interest in spiritual, metaphysical or paranormal things early on

Highly creative imagination; daydreams a lot

May have high empathy, even for plants, or objects such as stuffed animals have 'feelings'

Enjoys making things, crafts, art projects, inventing games, sketching

Might struggle with depression or anxiety at a young age; may have social or other phobias

Might struggle with low self esteem or feeling misunderstood, withdrawn or feeling alienated from other children

Tend to be more introverted, prefers to be by themselves a lot.

May ask deep questions early on pertaining to rules of society or religion

Many show intuitive abilties; sees or senses things that others don't

Desires to 'make the world a better place'.

Most indigo children will share all or at least 90% of the characteristics in this list. The Adult indigos will also share a majority of traits from this list, or will have shown these traits as children.

The Traits and Characteristics of the Adult indigos

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